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Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Are you ready for a (w)holistic, integrative and functional healthcare approach to your health and wellness? Don't know where to turn?

Are you tired of assembly line medical care? Need more than 10 minutes with your provider? Are you looking for treatments that incorporate alternative AND conventional medicines?

At the Healing Room, we get all of the above and understand why you want to try something new. We understand that you want to feel better about the healthcare you receive. We understand that you don't want to feel rushed, unheard, confused about or beaten down by your healthcare. 


The Healing Room

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Are You Ready for Change?

Are You Ready to Achieve Your Goals?

Are you ready to become who your were meant to be? Or perhaps you'd like to make a small change efficiently? Do you have specific health problems that you need help with, but don't know where to turn? Or do you just want to get healthier in general? Does the healthcare system leave you overwhelmed and wanting to give up? Or feeling like you attended that appointment, yet nothing meaningful was done and you were not listened to? Do you feel like you are on too many medications or are afraid of side effects? Do you have a loved one struggling to manage all these and need advocacy? For help, schedule an appointment today. Your first session is always free.

Lending a Helping Hand

Here is what our clients say

Client references

Identifying information has been changed due to federal privacy laws including HIPPA.

I have had health problems for years. Every now and then I'd reach out and try to get help from a clinic. I felt like they just wanted me to stop complaining and get out the door because they were so busy. I am so glad I found The Healing Room. Finally I was heard. Finally I had the answers I was seeking. Finally I had treatments that actually worked but did not cost ridiculous amounts of money. And being able to see my provider virtually was a huge help. It saved me time and I did not have to use my vacations days traveling to appointments.


When I got Covid-19 last year, I had no idea how it would impact me. I thought since I am young and healthy I would be fine afterward. Instead, it had destroyed my life. I could not work. I couldn't do anything I enjoyed. I felt sick every moment of every day. My whole life was dealing with it. All of that changed when I found The Healing Room. My provider found a health problem I had on top of long haulers and once that was corrected my symptoms became much more tolerable. And after working with my provider for a few months now, I am working full time again, I can enjoy my family and friends again, and I am back to being myself. I am so glad I found out about them!


We found ourselves in our 50s, very unhealthy and out of shape. We worked together with our Healing Room provider to get our lifestyle back on track. We just hoped to feel a little better. After working with her for a few months, we were able to stop some of our prescriptions! Our chronic health problems were improved so much so that we did not need them anymore. We are saving a lot of money from that! But the best part is we feel and look great. We highly recommend working The Healing Room to help you achieve your health goals.

Theresa and Bob

I developed early mild liver disease and my regular doctor told me that there really is no treatment. Just loose weight. I was concerned about where to start losing and doing nothing else proactive. I scheduled an appointment at The Healing Room. She was able to easily coach me through some lifestyle changes that made a big impact. She also helped me to learn about certain foods, vitamins, and supplements that helped. When she ordered my next set of labs, they were back to normal! I am so glad I am working with her.


My mother lives alone in Florida. She has some health conditions that she needs to see specialists for and has been hospitalized. Our provider at The Healing Room helped us to get a workable plan for mom's medications and appointments. She was even able to speak directly with one of mom's PCP to advocate for mom when she wasn't feeling well. Things improved and she did not have to be hospitalized like before. My siblings and I are so grateful that we don't have to worry about mom's healthcare as much as before.


Our regular support group wanted to have a speaker come in and help us learn strategies for reducing stress and anxiety. We worked with The Healing Room to have their provider come and speak. She  gave a really useful and dynamic talk. The group had lots of positive things to say and want to bring her back to discuss other health topics.


I have wanted to try alternative treatments for a while. But I was worried if I needed a regular prescriptions or lab tests, I'd have to go to a regular clinic. I was happy to find out that the can get these too at The Healing Room.


I was looking for a clinic where I could be respected and treated with compassion. And I didn't want to be talked into expensive tests and treatments.  I am so glad I found what I was looking for at The Healing Room.